Taylor Swift seen after shopping at the ‘Steven Alan’ store in Tribeca. March 27th, 2014

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That Awkward Moment after party

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The song ‘I Almost Do’ is a song I wrote about the conflict that you feel when you want to take someone back and you want to give another try, but you know you can’t. And you can’t because it’s hurt you so deeply that you know you couldn’t bare to go through that again, so you’re sitting there and you’re wondering where they are and you hope they think about you and you’re almost picking up the phone to call ‘em, but you just…but you can’t, so it’s an emotion that, I think I needed to write this song in order to not call that person actually, I think writing the song was what I did instead of picking up the phone.

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When people post hate about Haylor:



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taylor being us

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Get me with those green eyes.

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i don’t even know what to captation this

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